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Simple Message flow with WebSphere Message Broker

May 18th, 2011 Sridhara 9 comments

1. Prerequisite

The following list of software’s are required to start of with Message Broker development,

  • IBM WebSphere MQ.
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker.
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit.
  • IBM DB2 or any RDBMS.

The Message Broker Toolkit is an application development and administration IDE (Eclipse), the Message broker(Set of application processes) hosts and executes the message flows and the Configuration Manager acts as an interface between the Message Broker Toolkit and the Message Brokers. The configuration manager is responsible for deploying message flows to the brokers and also manages the configurations in an internal repository.

2. Create Configuration Manager

To create a configuration manager Run command prompt and enter the following command,

mqsicreateconfigmgr configMgrName -i serviceUserId -a servicePassword -q queueManagerName [-n db2DatabaseToMigrate  -u migrationDatabaseUserId -p migrationDatabasePassword] [-s unsQMgrName] [-w workPath]

For Example:- mqsicreateconfigmgr SRIConfigMgr -i MQSIUSER -a MQSIPASS -q CMQM


Note:- On Windows platforms, if the Configuration Manager name is omitted ‘ConfigMgr’ will be used.

3. Create Database

From Start Menu Programs select IBM DB2 -> Command Line Tools -> Command Line Processor

create database BK1 – Each broker requires a database for its operation.


4. Create Broker

From Administrative Tools -> Data Source (ODBC) -> Create a System DSN -> BK1 (DSN Name), Select IBM DB2 ODBC Driver if you are using DB2.


mqsicreatebroker brokerName -i serviceUserId -a servicePassword -q queueManager

Name -n dataSourceName [-u dataSourceUserId] [-p dataSourcePassword] [-s unsQMgr

Name [-j]] [-g configurationTimeout] [-k configurationDelayTimeout] [-w workPath

] [-l userLilPath] [-t] [-m] [-v statisticsMajorInterval] [-P httpListenerPort]

[-c icuConverterPath] [-y ldapPrincipal -z ldapCredentials] [-x userExitPath]

For Example:- mqsicreatebroker BK1 -i MQSIUSER -a MQSIPASS -q CMQM -n BK1


Note:- The queue manager used by configuration manager can be shared with one broker.¬†If the qmgr that you specify on the create command (via -q flag) doesn’t already exist, the command will create one for you. If it does exist, then it will use that qmgr.

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