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Continuous Integration with Hudson

March 21st, 2010 Sridhara No comments

Continuous integration is reliable method in the software development life cycle that has evolved over time. The primary goal of CI is to frequently integrate the isolated code changes done by the members of a team. Based on the size of the team there could be multiple integration per day, each integration triggers an automated build process [build, unit test, code coverage, code analysis etc] and providing an instant feedback so that if a defect is introduced, it can be identified and corrected at an early stage. Continuous integration aims at preventing the defects from piling up, reducing the risk of project delays and improving the quality of software.

Setting up Hudson

  1. Download the Hudson war file from
  2. Run the command java -jar hudson.war from the command prompt.
  3. CommandPrompt

  4. From the browser type http://localhost:8080/ to start the Hudson dashboard.
  5. hudsondashboard

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